Making An Impact

I just want to say that Young Life has changed my life. I attended Fall Weekend at Woodleaf a few weeks ago, and it was the best weekend of my life. Our cabin spent some time on the hill where you get on the zip line, and we just lay there and thought about things and watched the stars. Since that weekend, I have changed the way I live my life and become closer to God. Thank you, Young Life, and thank you, God, for giving me the gift of life.
- Tom
I was at first very nervous to be out of my element; however, once I saw all of the blessings put forth in my life here at camp, I then felt comfortable with myself and Jesus to participate.  Suddenly I began to meet new friends and experience Jesus with the help of my leader.
- Wynter
This has been an experience like I have never had before ... I came here just to cause problems but the message hit me hard here because it showed me my life ... I want to stick with this because here they teach about Jesus.
- Luis


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