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Young Life History

Young Life began in the early 1940's in response to an emerging adolescent subculture, the center of which was the world of the high school. Kids’ lives revolved around their school; the first Young Life leaders realized that to reach kids who had no interest in organized religion they would have to understand and be present in that world. 

Youth culture has changed dramatically in the last six decades. Kids enter adolescence earlier and make the transition to adulthood later. And the high school experience is both changing and varied across the country and around the world. But, the high school years are still a time when most teenagers make important life choices, including what they believe about God. And so Young Life is there in the world of high school — learning kids’ names, hearing their stories, having fun and sharing with them the great news of a God who loves them.

Young Life...

Young Life cares about kids. We believe that all students deserve to know about the life that God has for them.  As such, Young Life finds caring adults who pursue safe, appropriate, and meaningful relationships with the students they encounter.  We share our hopes, friendships, and lives with kids.  From club, to camp, to campaigners, and all other Young Life activities, teenagers will have fun with us.

As such, Young Life leaders are committed to being involved with kids' lives -- from supporting them at their sporting events to listening to them talk about what's important to them

. Our leaders help kids consider the direction of their lives, and they offer hope for their future.

Area-Wide Events
Our annual 5k is growing! Join us for the first city-wide Los Angeles 5K on APRIL 29th!LA5k Logo.png



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